Adam Corbo

Undergraduate Researcher

Academic background

I am a 3rd year physics undergraduate at UC Berkeley. I really enjoy physics in general, it always fascinated me when I was younger that the phenomena of nature could be quantified down to more fundamental laws. Studying physics has been a wonderful journey throughout the universe and it's phenomena, from basic insights onto such things as "why does water boil" to the more fantastical such as "what causes a supernova" or "what's the coldest that cold can go?". My undergraduate career at UC Berkeley has been a challenge, but a rewarding challenge that pushes me to the boundaries of my own understanding of physics further than I thought I could go. I have particularly excelled in the courses here involving lab-work and the experimental side of physics. I love fooling around with various gadgets and gizmos and seeing what happens to an experiment in real time. 

Research objectives

I work in the Fajan's lab mostly as an assistant for taking data and constructing various lab equipment we need in the lab. My various contributions include a more secure housing for our phosphorescent camera detector, building the housing for and testing an amplifier to take better data for our plasma trap, as well as various different circuit boards. I have also taken many data collection shifts over my time in this lab that helped give us better insights in the mechanism of our own penning malmberg plasma trap. Currently I am working on replicating a circuit that mimics our E-gun so that we can make a replacement E-gun controller, which currently is one of our "non-replaceable" parts in the lab, and taking extra lab shifts collecting data. So far working for this lab has given me a wonderful experience in seeing real-world research first hand.

Contact information

Email: gunnarwilliams[at]