Physics of Plasmas

Title Publication Date
Experimental and computational study of the injection of antiprotons into a positron plasma for antihydrogen production
Spatially autoresonant stimulated Raman scattering in nonuniform plasmas
Demonstration of detuning and wavebreaking effects on Raman amplification efficiency in plasma
Simulation studies of non-neutral plasma equilibria in an electrostatic trap with a magnetic mirror
Asymmetric vortex merger: experiment and simulation
Subharmonic autoresonance of the diocotron mode
Autoresonant (nonstationary) excitation of a collective nonlinear mode
Stability of highly asymmetric non-neutral plasmas
Equilibrium of highly-asymmetric non-neutral plasmas
Dynamic and Debye shielding and antishielding
Temperature and anisotropic-temperature relaxation measurements in cold, pure-electron plasmas
The effect of asymmetries on non-neutral plasma confinement time
Development of a nanosecond-laser-pumped Raman amplifier for short laser pulses in plasma
Feasibility study for using an extended three-wave model to simulate plasma-based backward Raman amplification in one spatial dimension
Magnetic multipole induced zero-rotation frequency bounce-resonant loss in a Penning-Malmberg trap used for antihydrogen trapping
Magnetic Multiple Induced Zero-Rotation Frequency Bounce-Resonant Loss in a Penning-Malmberg Trap Used For Antihydrogen Trapping
A novel antiproton radial diagnostic based on octupole induced ballistic loss
Critical loss radius in a Penning trap subject to multipole fields
Simulations of plasma confinement in an antihydrogen trap
Simulation studies of non-neutral equilibria in an electrostatic trap with a magnetic mirror
Numerical studies of driven, chirped Bernstein, Greene, and Kruskal modes
Driven phase space holes and synchronized bernstein, Greene, and Kruskal modes
Non-neutral plasma equilibria, trapping, separatrices and separatrix crossing in magnetic mirrors
Shielding from instantaneously and adiabatically applied potential wells in collisionless plasmas
Low Magnetic Field Cooling of Lepton Plasmas via Cyclotron-Cavity Resonance
An upper bound to time-averaged space-charge limited diode currents
Self-consistent Langmuir waves in resonantly driven thermal plasmas
Autoresonant control of a pre-excited diocotron mode
Driving laser pulse evolution in a hollow channel laser wakefield accelerator
Frequency shifting in free-electron lasers
Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) magnetometry with a plasma reservoir
Computational and theoretical analysis of electron plasma cooling by resonant interaction with a microwave cavity