Title Publication Date
Antimatter interferometry for gravity measurements
Electron Plasmas Cooled by Cyclotron Cavity Resonance
Phase-Locking Transition in a Chirped Superconducting Josephson Resonator
Experimental dynamics of a vortex within a vortex
Autoresonant (nonstationary) excitation of the diocotron mode in non-neutral plasmas
Enhanced Control and Reproducibility of Non-Neutral Plasmas
Dynamic and Debye shielding and antishielding in magnetized, collisionless plasmas
Observation of the ion resonance instability
Measurement of collisional anisotropic temperature relaxation in a strongly magnetized pure-electron plasma
Decay of the diocotron rotation and transport in a new low-density asymmetry-dominated regime.
Quadrupole induced resonant particle transport in a pure-electron plasma
Centrifugal separation and equilibration dynamics in an electron-antiproton plasma
Autoresonant excitation of antiproton plasmas
Evaporative Cooling of Antiprotons to Cryogenic Temperatures
Compression of antiproton clouds for antihydrogen trapping
Antimatter plasmas in a multipole trap for Antihydrogen
Effects of extreme magnetic quadtupole fields on Penning Traps, and the consequences for antihydrogen trapping
Breaking of Rotational Symmetry in Cylindrically Bounded 2D Electron Plasmas and 2D Fluids
Direct Excitation of High-Amplitude Chirped Bucket-BGK Modes
Experimental breaking of an adiabatic invariant
Reaching the nonlinear regime of Raman amplification of ultrashort laser pulses
Multimode interactions in cyclotron autoresonance maser amplifiers
Optical Guiding in a Free-Electron Laser