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"If you can't contain it, you can't study it. That's the case with antimatter, an elusive substance that may hold secrets to matter, time and the universe. So far experiments, including work at CERN in Switzerland, had failed to confine antihydrogen. In this landmark

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Alpha's latest breakthrough, the first observation of the 1S-2S transition in trapped antihydrogen has been published in Nature and is the first time a spectral line has been observed in antihydrogen. This builds on

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Abstract: The ALPHA experiment performs both spectroscopic and gravitational measurements on antihydrogen. Apparatus can trap only about one atom at a time! All proposed measurements are difficult to perform on a single (anti-) atom. Proposal:

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Abstract: Generating cold (<50 K) single component electron plasmas is of critical importance to many experiments. Examples include optimizing recombination rates for antihydrogen or Rydberg atom production and producing mono-energetic beams. Replacing a section

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